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With the rise in popularity of CBD oil products for people from all walks of life, especially the physically active (like athletes), one large group has not been thoroughly discussed. This is the elderly.

In the U.S. alone, there are over 52.4 million elderly people. Some are living on their own and working to have their best life as they age gracefully. Others are in the care of family members or care facilities. Many have considered CBD oil benefits for themselves or loved ones who are aging and facing the challenges that it brings.

According to a 2020 nationally representative Consumer Reports survey, 20% of Americans 65 years and older said they’d tried CBD oil, up from 14% from the prior year in 2019.‘-WebMD

Today, we’ll talk about the special needs of this aging population and how CBD oil may benefit elderly care.

Key Points We’ll Cover Today:

  • The benefits of using CBD oil in elder care.
  • What CBD oil is and isn’t.
  • How to use CBD tinctures for elderly care.
  • How to use CBD cream for the elderly.
  • Helpful CBD product recommendations for the elderly.

Benefits of CBD Oil in Elder Care

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of CBD oil and how it can help you or your aging loved ones. Whether you are interested in learning this for yourself or someone in your care, we are here to answer your questions and give as much information as possible. Here are some of what you can expect when you begin a CBD regimen for an elderly person.

Addressing the Needs of the Elderly

Don’t assume the elderly are all less active and suffering from age-related illnesses. Many are active, healthy, and living well. There’s a wide umbrella of needs in the elderly population, some of which can be addressed with the care of CBD oil products. To begin, assess the needs and goals you may have for CBD use for yourself or another aging person:

  • What kind of lifestyle? Active, less active, bedridden, or using a wheelchair or other walking supports?
  • Aging skin, dry skin, tender skin that doesn’t heal well?
  • Muscle aches and pains or soreness and stiffness?
  • Difficulty resting or sleeping?
  • Feeling restless or uncomfortable?

Take the time to think about what this elderly person needs the most: what type of supportive care for their body, what their aging skin may need, and how comfortably they can navigate their day. Another very important question to ask yourself is how well they can get a good night’s sleep. Many elderly folks have a difficult time falling asleep. Some have a hard time staying asleep or sleeping comfortably. Others have trouble with all of the above. The good news is that CBD oil can help with lots of these things.

How CBD Oil Benefits the Elderly

While CBD oil products cannot address all of the complex care needs of the elderly, they can provide supportive measures to keep them more comfortable or help them rest and relax. Here are some of the benefits that users report:

  • That it helps relax them at bedtime.
  • That it helps skin look and feel better
  • General improved wellness and a sense of calm.

Also important to note is that many CBD products contain other active ingredients. Things like lidocaine that can help with aches and pains.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is an oil-based liquid that contains cannabinoids from the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. Cannabidiol is often called CBD, but there are different cannabinoids that make up CBD oil products. Though there are many dozens of companies that manufacture CBD products, there are many differences in how hemp is grown, harvested, and extracted. Also important is how the CBD product formulas are designed, created, and tested for efficacy and safety. In other words, find a company you can trust.

Here are the details about cbdMD’s CBD, which is grown and manufactured right here in the U.S.:

  • Made with cbdMD’s Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula
  • Crafted to provide the benefits of additional cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Derived from U.S.-grown industrial hemp
  • Third-party tested in ISO-certified laboratories for consistent quality
  • Gluten-free and vegan

CBD oil is useful in tincture drops taken orally for full-body effects from the inside out and topical products for targeted use right where you need it.

Does CBD Oil Get You High?

It makes sense for caregivers and family members worried about their mom, dad, or grandparent to ask all of the questions. If you are worried about CBD oil making your elderly loved one ‘high,’ understand that CBD oil, though from the cannabis plant, is NOT marijuana. It’s the THC in marijuana that causes a psychogenic reaction in people. CBD oil products that are federally legal have no THC (or only minuscule traces of it), so you can use them for your aging family members without worry.

Using CBD Oil Tinctures in Elderly Care

The first line of offense when aging gracefully is to begin a CBD tincture regimen. It is the easiest way to get CBD into the system and keep it on a stable and continuous level. To start getting those CBD oil benefits quickly and keep it going, you’ll want to pick the right CBD oil tincture and use it at the right amount, twice daily. Here’s a bit about how to choose and administer the right CBD oil tincture for yourself or your aging loved one.

How to Choose the Right CBD Formula for the Elderly

When you shop for a CBD tincture for the elderly, you will want to consider a few things. One factor is the concentration of CBD in the oil that you buy. You’ll see this in terms of milligrams, and the higher the concentration, the higher the milligrams. Most products will tell you how many milligrams there are per serving which is also important. You may opt to use a larger dose of a lower concentration, vice versa, or use the exact measurement of a serving by the package instructions. So there is a little bit of play in how you choose to plan your CBD daily servings.

It is advised to choose the lowest concentration and start with a lower-than-recommended serving size than on the packaging instructions. Use for a few weeks, then adjust the amounts, if necessary. If you use the recommended serving size for a month or so and aren’t seeing the desired benefits, a higher concentration may help.

It may also help to talk with the doctor of your elderly family member (or your doctor) and get some guidance. Doctors can help you get started and give you some pointers on how CBD might help, how to use it, and how much. Here at cbdMD, we are also available via chat for any questions you may have about measuring and administering CBD for your elderly loved ones.

Using CBD Tinctures for the Elderly

Giving CBD oil to the elderly can be as easy as using the tincture dropper to put drops into their mouth (preferably under the tongue) or drizzling it over their food. But in some situations, getting them to eat can be challenging, or the eating schedule is a bit irregular.

The foundation of a good CBD regimen is to use the regular tinctures twice a day for continued and consistent benefit. The CBD tinctures come in a few strengths that you can choose based on the need and…


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