Best CBD Oil for Sleep and Insomnia


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In modern society, people often find it hard to get some time to take rest and relax. Our busy lifestyle leads to numerous health disorders such as insomnia, sleep deprivation, or even anxiety.

Not being able to have a good night’s sleep may cause other health issues like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc. Moreover, if you don’t have a regular sleeping cycle you won’t be able to finish your day-to-day tasks which would make your frustrations even bigger.

Scientists and medical professionals are offering various types of therapy to treat sleep deprivation and insomnia, however, some medication often causes severe or unpleasant side effects. For that reason, people who suffer from insomnia tend to find a solution to their problem in natural supplements. One such supplement is CBD oil. There are many reports by users saying that CBD oil has helped them in the fight with sleep deprivation and insomnia.

What is CBD Oil

CBD oil is by far one of the most wanted products made from the hemp plant and used for so many different ailments. The medical abbreviation CBD stands for cannabidiol which is just one of the many cannabinoids naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. This substance is extracted from the plant and infused in many products and even in food and drinks.

It is believed that CBD has therapeutic properties and there are some studies confirming the positive effects that CBD has on treating certain health conditions. For that reason, this hemp extract has been used by companies for the production of CBD oil, CBD creams, capsules, gummies, vapes, or it is being sold as CBD isolate or shatter that can be added as a food supplement.

There are three types of CBD oil – full-spectrum, THC-free, and broad-spectrum CBD oil. The main difference between them is the compound – full-spectrum is a combination of CBD and THC which is believed to give “the entourage effect”. THC-free CBD oil is, in fact, a CBD isolate – oil tinctures that contain only CBD, while the broad-spectrum CBD contains various cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, CBG, and others without THC.

Where to Buy CBD Oil

If you are interested in trying CBD oil to improve your sleep and deal with insomnia it’s not difficult to find a quality CBD oil for sale. Still, this task may be challenging or time-consuming if you haven’t used CBD oil before or if you are not familiar with the CBD brands. Here is what you need to know in order to determine the quality of a CBD product and how to recognize a trustworthy and reputable CBD company.

  • Check the source of the CBD extract. From all the CBD brands available on the market make sure to choose the one that uses organically-grown hemp to extract the cannabinoids. The most reputable brands follow the farmers’ regulations on cultivating hemp and are usually based in Colorado.
  • Find out whether the products are tested. To verify the quality and safety of each product, all CBD companies must send their products to third-party labs to get a certificate of analysis. Moreover, these certificates have to be available for the potential buyer – so they are either published on the official website of the company or should be available upon request. If a CBD company refuses to provide this type of lab result it should raise a red flag for you.
  • See what kind of ingredients are used. Always read the product label and understand what other ingredients are added beside the CBD. Some brands may add artificial ingredients that may be harmful or reduce the effect of CBD.
  • Read the reviews. Consumers would never lie. If people aren’t happy with a product they would certainly leave negative reviews on the companies’ websites. Therefore choose the CBD brand that has less of those and more positive reviews.

Best CBD Oil for Sleep and Insomnia

Undoubtedly the process of reviewing the CBD brands can be long and tedious, so this guide may help you find the right CBD product. We have prepared a list of the top 10 CBD brands that sell CBD oil for sleep and insomnia and these are our favorites.


Try The CBD

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  • Full-spectrum and THC-Free CBD oil
  • CBD+CBG oil
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Potency: 500mg – 5000mg
  • Price: $34.99 – $234.99

At Try The CBD you can find everything that you need. This is our all-time favorite when it comes to CBD products. The best thing about this brand is that you get a top-quality product at a reasonable price. Try The CBD even offers a special discount of 20% on all products all year long for certain groups of users like students, veterans, military, or low-income families. Here you can find the best CBD oil and choose whether you prefer full-spectrum or THC-free CBD oil.

This Colorado-based brand uses only organically-grown hemp to extract CBD and doesn’t take any chances when it comes to quality. All CBD products are tested by a third-party lab and the certificates of analysis are published on their website right next to each product.

If you choose to buy CBD oil from Try The CBD you can rest assured that you will get a high-quality product. It’s available in various potencies from 500mg to 5000mg of CBD per bottle and uses MCT oil as the carrying oil. They add only natural ingredients combined with the top-quality CBD extract. But don’t just take our word for it – visit their website and you’ll understand.


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  • Full-spectrum, THC-free, and Terpene-enhanced CBD oil
  • Designed for sleep, relax, energy, focus
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Potency: 500mg – 5000mg
  • Price: $34.99 – $199.00

Next on our list is another CBD brand based in Colorado that prides itself on selling top-quality CBD products. In their store, you can find full-spectrum, THC-free, and terpene-enhanced CBD oil available in different potencies. Choose from 500mg to 5000mg of CBD per bottle all depending on your needs.

HealthworxCBD has even designed its CBD oil tinctures to be specifically intended for sleep, energy, focus, and relaxation. Needless to say, as any reputable brand HealthworxCBD tests all its products through…


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