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There has never been a time that CBD oil has been as popular as it is right now. The passing of the Farm Bill in 2018 made it possible for the scientific community to study it and see what it can do for consumers.

Every company that has launched provides users with a different opportunity. Some companies use organic and pure products, while others focus on providing full spectrum compounds. As many claims as there are, all of them won’t deliver. It is important to know what to look for on any CBD website, which is why this list includes the rankings of the Best CBD Oil companies on the market today.

The Rankings of the Best CBD Oil

After reviewing various manufacturers and lab results, this guide found a collection of CBD oils that work more efficiently for users. This list includes many brands that made the cut.

Read on below to learn about the various CBD oil brands available now.

  • Charlotte’s Web
  • Populum
  • Rya Organics
  • Joy Organics
  • CBD American Shaman
  • Sol CBD
  • CBDistillery CBD Oils
  • Medterra
  • Five CBD
  • Zatural
  • cbdMD
  • Aspen Green
  • Receptra Naturals
  • Bloom Hemp
  • RE Botanicals
  • Green Roads
  • Mana Artisan Botanics
  • Just CBD
  • CBDFx
  • CBDPure

Charlotte’s Web


One of the most well-known CBD oil companies on the market today is Charlotte’s Web. They are not the most cost-effective for some users, but the incredible quality speaks for itself. Users can get a starter pack if they are new to CBD oil, but they can also choose from one of the high-dose options with a full spectrum of compounds and terpenes.

Along with the varied dosages, consumers will find that this brand has other flavors that they can choose from as well. Some of the most popular flavors they provide in their CBD oils include mint chocolate, olive oil, orange blossom, and lemon twist. The company states that using these formulas may help individuals to improve calmness, manage stress, reduce inflammation, and balance their sleep.



Populum is rather straightforward with the formulas that they produce, offering a clear label that seems to be marketed as a luxury remedy. Users will find that these formulas are often more expensive, but the signature flavor has an orange undertone. Users have the option of up to 2,000 mg of CBD per bottle, giving them up to 66 mg per serving.

Every formula from Populum comes from organically grown hemp in Colorado, and the remedies exclusively include full-spectrum CBD. The oils go through three rounds of testing to ensure that they are pure, and the formulas are designed to help users to improve Wellness, promote relaxation, and reduce stress.

Rya Organics


Rya Organics comes from a natural health company called Cymbiotika, and they are no stranger to supplements, tinctures, and oils. The brand is not specific to CBD, but they offer three different oils that promote better sleep (Rumi-Dream), inflammation relief (Nexus Relief), and soothing of discomfort and pain (Heal-All Pro).

Every product from this brand is exclusively made in the United States, using organic ingredients that are also vegan. The company prides itself on using remedies that are free of gluten and soy as well. There are some additional ingredients found in these CBD oils to promote better effectiveness, like turmeric, DHA, and EPA.

Joy Organics


Joy Organics is another brand on this list that is likely well known by anyone who has browsed online for CBD products before. Their tinctures are available as broad-spectrum or full-spectrum items, and it is one of the few brands on the list that has earned a certification that the formulas are USDA Organic.

Many of the formulas are incredibly unique in their flavors, allowing users to choose from summer lemon, orange bliss, and tranquil mint. However, individuals that don’t mind the taste of CBD oil can get the formula without any additional flavors. Every serving is up to 75 mg of CBD, and all of the oils go through stringent testing before they make it to consumers.

CBD American Shaman


CBD American Shaman is also a well-known brand in the United States, offering many options for their CBD oils. The CBD oil from this brand is water-soluble, using terpene-rich hemp and blends that have incredible strength for individuals that may have a greater tolerance. Just like the other products on this list, CBD American Shaman makes it easy for anyone to get the amount that they want from their supplements, offering flavors like cherry limeade to appeal to a greater range of consumers.

One of the biggest claims that this company makes is that they offer better bioavailability than other brands, making it easier for the digestive system to take it in.



Sol CBD offers many CBD oils and CBD tinctures, though the company specifically has some formulas that offer benefits like improved sleep or reduce anxiety. Including much of the research on CBD oil, the brand highlights the ability of this compound to promote better immunity, protect the body from illness, promote better brain health, and reduce inflammation. To help with absorption, Sol CBD formulas also include MCT oil, and very few of their formulas have any flavors added to CBD.

Instead of growing their hemp within the United States, Sol CBD sources there from northern Europe.

CBDistillery CBD Oils


CBDistillery specifically uses natural farming practices, sourcing their industrial hemp safely and sustainably. They offer remedies that are both full-spectrum and zero-percent THC, some ranging up to 2,500 mg per bottle. The company proclaims that using these formulas will help users to improve their wellbeing, and they will feel the effects of CBD rather fast. Individuals that want a specific reaction from CBD oil can choose one of the targeted formulas to promote relaxation and sleep. Along with CBD, some of their formulas also use CBN and CBG, helping them to stand out from the crowd.



All of the formulas from Medterra have at least 99% CBD, though they are also combined with MCT oil from coconuts for absorption. There are three different strengths offered, and all of the hemp that Medterra uses comes from the United States exclusively. Plus, all of the formulas are tested by a third-party lab, and they follow the regulations set forth by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program.

Like some of the other formulas on this list, Medterra offers a few formulas that target certain effects in the body. They also offer CBG, CBN, and CBD to complement the effects of CBD.

Five CBD


Five CBD specializes in both CBD tinctures and CBD gummies alike. The five tinctures currently offered range from 1,500 to 6,000 mg per bottle. For this reason, they have some of the strongest formulas on this list. Since they offer full-spectrum products, consumers can expect a wide variety of terpenes and compounds, which include THC, CBN, and CBC.

Users have the option of many different flavors for these formulas, including mint chocolate, lavender, and citrus. However, all of the flavors are exclusively sourced from natural extracts.



Zatural’s Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Drops are one of the more affordable products on the list. There is no THC in this CBD oil, even in trace amounts. They have several flavors that come from natural resources as well, including cinnamon, peppermint, spearmint, sweet natural, and lemon-lime. Users can still choose the natural flavor of CBD oil if they prefer.

All of the CBD that comes from this brand is sourced from hemp that has not been touched by pesticides or herbicides. They have incredibly strong dosage options, allowing users to pick CBD oils that have up to 12,000 mg of the compound in a single product. The average bottle is 300 mg for just $30.



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