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COPHF Merger


Dr, Haperin

COPHF Highlights

2 Billion Dollar Company Creators Bruce Linton from Canopy Growth $CGC is an Advisor and Dr. Halperin from MindMed $MMED Created $COPHF!

Creso Pharma Limited (OTCMKTS:COPHF)

Mr Bruce Linton expected to join as Non-Executive Chairman of The HighBrid Lab Cash balance of approximately A$48 million providing considerable financial flexibility to progress its growth strategy”


NEDLANDS, PERTH, AUSTRALIA, June 24, 2021 / — Quite possibly the Best Alternative Medicine Company you can Own! 2 Billion Dollar Company Creators Bruce Linton from Canopy Growth $CGC is an Advisor and Dr. Halperin from MindMed $MMED Created $COPHF!

Creso Pharma (OTCQB: COPHF) & Red Light Holland Announce Merger to Form The HighBrid LabTM, a Leading Global Alternative ,Medicine Company with Canopy Growth Founder Bruce Linton Expected To Join as Non-Executive Chairman

COPHF acquired Halucenex earlier this year as their official entry into the rapidly growing psychedelic assisted therapy space.

Dr. Miri Halperin Wernli current Executive President of Billion dollar MindMed (NEO: MMED), founded Creso & Ran the Switzerland operations

Highest Quality Cannabinoid Product Developer with Extensive Experience.

Global Assets in the Most Important Regions for the Emerging Cannabis and Psychedelics Wellness Market.

Merger with Red Light Holland to Create New Global Combined Company.

Combined Company Equity Valued at C$347 Million (A$371 Million).

Management from Each Merger Partner Contributing Great Expertise.

Crma, Ltd.eso Phar, (ASX: CPH) (FSE: 1X8) (OTCQB:COPHF) brings pharmaceutical expertise and methodological rigor to the cannabis world and strives for the highest quality in its products. COPHF develops cannabis and hemp derived therapeutic, nutraceutical, and lifestyle products with wide patient and consumer reach for human and animal health.

COPHF uses GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) development and manufacturing standards as a reference of quality excellence with initial product registrations in Switzerland. COPHF has worldwide rights for several unique and proprietary innovative delivery technologies, which enhance the bioavailability, and absorption of cannabinoids. COPHF is also progressing expansion opportunities into the North American recreational cannabis market through its wholly-owned subsidiary Mernova Medical Inc. (“Mernova Medical”), as well as the emerging psychedelics sector through target acquisition company, Halucenex Life Sciences Inc. (“Halucenex”).

As a global operation since inception, the COPHF experienced leadership and geographical agility has enabled tactical expansion in a diverse range of markets:

First to import medicinal cannabis into Australia.

First launches of innovative products – containing broad spectrum hemp oil extract – into Switzerland for humans and animals.

Launch of anibidiol®: the first hemp oil-based complementary feed for companion animals in partnership with Virbac Switzerland (Global Animal Health company).

Launch of cannaQIX®: the first hemp oil-based nutraceutical in human health in partnership with Doetsch Grether AG Switzerland (Swiss OTC Pharma).

Formally entered the Canadian market by acquiring Mernova, a Nova Scotia based Medical Cannabis growing operation.

Entry into the African continent with the cannaQIX® products range.

COPHF and Red Light Holland Merge to Introduce The HighBrid Lab (TM), a Leading Global Psychedelics Cannabis Company, Specializing in Recreational Products, Applied Science, Technology and Innovation

On June16th COPHF and Red Light Holland Corp. (CSE: TRIP) (FSE: 4YX) (OTC Pink: TRUFF), an Ontario-based corporation engaged in the production, growth and sale of magic truffles to the legal, recreational market within the Netherlands, announced that they have entered into a definitive scheme implementation deed (the “Deed”) to combine businesses and create The HighBrid Lab (the “Combined Company” or “The HighBrid Lab”), a leading global psychedelics and cannabinoid company.

Red Light Holland strives to move towards safe and trustworthy access to psychedelic compounds for all, and is engaged in the production, growth and sale, through existing Smart Shops and an ecommerce platform, of premium magic truffles to the legal, recreational market in the Netherlands. Activities are undertaken in accordance with the highest standards and compliance with all applicable laws.

Red Light’s directors and advisory board members are all highly skilled executives with extensive expertise in growing, mass-producing, compliance, distribution, marketing and supply chain management, which will allow the Combined Company to become a leader in an emerging market segment.

Key advantages of the COPHF – Red Light Holland merger:

● The HighBrid Lab is expected to have an implied pro forma equity value of C$347 million (A$371 million) based on the closing price of the shares of Creso Pharma and Red Light Holland on June 15th, 2021.

● Transaction results in a reverse takeover of Red Light Holland by Creso Pharma, with an implied premium to Red Light Holland Shareholders of 29.9% based on the 30-day VWAP of both companies as of June 15th, 2021.

● Mr. Bruce Linton, leading cannabis and psychedelics entrepreneur, expected to join as Non-Executive Chairman of The HighBrid Lab’s board of directors.

● Combined Company is expected to have a cash balance of approximately C$45 million (A$48 million), providing considerable financial flexibility to progress its growth strategy.

● The Combined Global Company will trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”) under the ticker symbol TRIP.

The COPHF HighBrid Lab will focus on several key growth areas:

● Expanding market and brand leadership in recreational psilocybin, supported by education, telecounseling and technology as new markets open.

● Applied science and innovation supporting long-term opportunities in psychedelics with both naturally occurring and pharmaceutical grade drug discovery aiming for advanced and approved product offerings through controlled lab environments via the pending acquisitions of Halucenex and Mera Life Sciences.

● Scaling recreational cannabis offering in North America by focusing on increasing market share in Canada and taking advantage of the Combined Company’s CSE listing to progress the introduction of products into the US, as well as leveraging industry leading expertise to execute US cannabis acquisitions in the near term (the US is the world’s largest cannabis market, expected to reach US$41Bn/A$53Bn by 2025).

● Enhanced European distribution of COPHF researched and developed human and animal CBD products through SR Wholesale, Red Light Holland’s wholly owned Netherlands based distribution company.

● Introducing unique, innovative and eye-catching recreational product offerings under existing Red Light Holland brands with innovative applied science including combined CBD and mushroom products and ready to drink products with mushrooms, CBD and THC, while focusing on adding adjacent iMicrodose product lines with ingredients including CBD, THC and functional mushrooms, as and where permitted to do so, and promoting responsible use via education and information.

● Creation of Red Light Farms, increasing exposure to growing operations; adding to the Combined Company’s already impressive line-up including The Red Light Truffle Farm in the Netherlands, Happy Caps Gourmet Mushroom Farm and Mernova Medical in Nova Scotia.

● Increasing vertical integration strategies from growing, harvesting, packaging, branding and distribution to potential brick and mortar stores for increased sales focused on higher margins.

● Expanding e-commerce presence and online store initiatives to help boost future sales of CBD, THC, psilocybin, and functional mushroom…


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