Church to operate vacant city lot as paid parking


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Coasters have been sneaking free car spots in the Burnie CBD for weeks, but news a vacant lot will soon become a paid car park has put the unofficial parking party to bed. A set of flyers, hand delivered on Monday to the windshields of cars parked on a waterfront lot on Mount Street, heralded the news the lot would be closed. Both disappointment and rumours flew as drivers posted the notices to social media. RELATED: Deep fried, quadruple development planned for old petrol station “We regretfully have to inform you that the current zoning of this property prohibits this land to be used as parking,” the flyers read. “We have unfortunately been asked to close this space down until the zoning classification has changed.” The site in question was once tenanted by a Caltex petrol station and an antiques shop, and has been operating as a free, makeshift car park ever since the service station was pulled out. The landowner, Burnie Anglican Church, on Wednesday confirmed it had distributed the flyers. However, the church asserted that it had not set up the free parking. “The site had been used as a carpark without the approval of Burnie Anglican Church by members of the public since it was vacated by the petrol station that used to operate there,” an Anglican Diocese of Tasmania spokesperson said. “The site had not been advertised as a carpark, nor had Burnie Anglican Church been running it as a carpark.” They said the Burnie City Council had recently notified them that cars were not allowed to park there as a permit to change the land use had not been obtained. The spokesperson said the church had immediately taken action and distributed the flyers. RELATED: Burnie petrol station closing after Caltex pulls the plug “These mistakenly stated that the reason the car park was closed was due to zoning classifications, but in fact it was actually because the appropriate Council approvals were not in place,” they said. Burnie mayor Steve Kons said the site could be used as a car park under the planning scheme, but that a permit would need to be obtained. “Burnie Anglican Church is currently considering the future of the lot, and taking steps to gain approval to operate it as a paid car park,” the diocesan spokesperson said.



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