Coward punch in CBD leads to man giving up alcohol


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A man who coward punched another man, knocking him unconscious, has since addressed his alcohol issues, a court has heard. Kane William Fowler-Bolton, 27, was walking along Brisbane Street in Dubbo when he entered into a verbal disagreement with a man before punching him in the head at about 2.21am on March 20. The man was immediately knocked unconscious before he fell to the ground and hit his head on the pavement. According to police, Fowler-Bolton walked away, returning to his accommodation at the Castlereagh Hotel. READ MORE COURT: Witnesses and hotel staff rendered first-aid to the victim who was unconscious and bleeding from the back of his head. When police arrived the victim was conscious and alert, but still bleeding. Police attended the hotel and spoke with Fowler-Bolton who they said appeared to be “well affected by alcohol” and “uncooperative”. Fowler-Bolton told officers he was going to be sick and was escorted to a toilet, where he sat on the floor. He later became enraged when he started punching and headbutting the wall. Police tried to stop him from hurting himself, when he became more enraged and ripped off the cistern lid and smashed a hand towel holder. Police wrestled with Fowler-Bolton to get him out of the toilet before he was handcuffed. According to court documents, since the incident the victim has suffered from concussion, ongoing severe headaches and pain to his neck and right shoulder. Medical reports obtained by police from his general doctor revealed results from head scans revealed there was a “significant traumatic head injury”. In Dubbo Local Court on Wednesday, Fowler-Bolton pleaded guilty assault occasioning actual bodily harm, resisting police arrest, and destroy or damage property. Defence lawyer Jacklyn Dougan-Jones said he had taken “significant steps” toward rehabilitation, had been abstinent since the offence and was attending the Watershed program “He said he had no reason to act the way he did, no matter how intoxicated he was,” she said. “He’s been attending [the Watershed program] weekly in order to gain as much benefit from the service as he can.” The court heard Fowler-Bolton had received and Intensive Corrections Order in 2017 for supplying drugs and having goods in custody, however didn’t have a history for violence. Magistrate Theresa Hamilton accepted Fowler Bolton had taken “substantial steps” toward rehabilitation. She said while it was a serious offence, in view of his young age, lack of violent history and prospects of rehabilitation, she didn’t consider the threshold to be crossed. “The sentencing assessment report shows that he acknowledges his actions and the problem that alcohol has caused in his life,” she said. Fowler-Bolton was convicted and sentenced to an 18-month community corrections order and ordered to complete 150 hours of community service.



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