Envirocann’s New Management Team


Envirocann has established a new management team within the organization to help the company’s national and international expansion plans.

SANTA CRUZ, CA, USA, June 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Envirocann, the confidently clean and evolved organic-comparable certification company, has established a new management team within the organization to help the company’s national and international expansion plans.

Valentina Temerario has come back from her maternity leave as Vice President and managing Board Member. Vice President Valentina Temerario said, “I look forward to stepping into my new role as VP at Envirocann. With a capable and dedicated team to support our clients, I will be able to focus on expanding Envirocann’s services beyond cannabis certification to be inclusive of the cosmetic and boutique agriculture industries.” In her role as the Vice President of Envirocann, Valentina provides direct oversight for select accounts, manages the sales efforts, drives marketing and manages a variety of special projects. Valentina has a unique perspective gained from her extensive experience at Envirocann, beginning as an employee, developing her knowledge and skills to become a Partner, Board Member and executive member of the team.

Amanda Griffin-Snyder and Kalle Snyder, founding members of Elemental Wellness Center in San Jose, have been brought on as Partners at the third-party certification company, to support a major sustainability effort within the business. Amanda has joined as a Partner at Envirocann working with the Operations team to support the growth and enhance the vision that Envirocann has for the expansion of certified brands in the retail space. With a background in Executive Human Resources & Operations, Amanda has extensive experience in managing full scale Cannabis and Hemp operations, from start to finish. Kalle Snyder joined as Partner at Envirocann working with the management team to bring the vision of certified clean brands nationwide. With his background in managing high profile dispensaries, Kalle’s focus is on Operations, ensuring there is structure established to sustain growth. Kalle and Amanda are using their expertise within the field to assist in Envirocann’s push to create an organic-comparable aisle, complete with post-certification deliverables and staff education, within dispensaries.

Allison Messick, an additional managing Partner, is eager to expand on Envirocann’s mission of certifying sustainable and confidently clean cannabis, hemp, boutique agriculture, and cosmetics. Allison assists in running the day to day operations as well as the infrastructure build out for Envirocann’s national and international expansion strategy. She is also the Operations Manager and Partner of SameTeam Consulting, a firm focused on building businesses of all sizes, specializing in the cannabis and hemp industry.

Envirocann is quickly growing and preparing for full national and international expansion with certified cultivators, hemp/CBD, retail and boutique agricultural clients. Envirocann currently operates in California, Nevada, Oregon, and Michigan.

For more information, please contact info@envirocann.com or visit envirocann.com to start your company’s certification process.

Envirocann and EnvirOganic Certified producers and brands offer a refreshing alternative to the consumer. The Envirocann and EnvirOganic certification verifies a company’s commitment to the environment, to clean production methods, to their employees safety and equal treatment, and to producing confidently clean products. These standards provide the supply chain and consumers confidence in their purchase decisions.

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