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“Cannibble = Cannabis + Nibble” says Israeli food technology startup Cannibble Foodtech LTD, a developer & manufacturer of powder mix food, beverages, nutritional supplements, and spices infused with active cannabinoids or hemp seeds. Cannibble was founded in Aug 2018 by a group of individuals with experience in the fields of food development/sales and cannabis expertise.

“Our team has more than 30 years of experience in developing and marketing edibles worldwide. Our mission is to create fun powder food products enhanced with cannabis. We aim to become a leader in the cannabis edible markets and to create a new ‘Canna-food’ segment for recreational markets.”

Having developed proprietary formulas to enhance powder-based edibles with active Cannabinoids, Cannibble has already raised approximately $2.5M USD for the development and implementation of its product line. A unique THC line of products is expected to be launched in Canada during Q2-2021.

The company completed the development of three families of revolutionary formulations for new premixed powder food products infused with cannabis and hemp-derived ingredients. These families of products cover the entire spectrum of cannabis edibles consumption today with Hemp Seeds, Oils, Protein and flower, CBD-based products, and THC-based products for the adults’ recreational market according to local regulations and policies.  

“Our leading house brand is called ‘The Pelicann’ and presents the following families of products, all available to consumers today in several locations in the USA and soon in Canada. The products offer a full range of cannabis-infused products.”

New Frontiers of Cannabis

Cannibble is additionally finishing up a crowd-funding investment round for its Pelicann product line up through FrontFundr here. The range of products includes: 

  • Powders for making shakes with CBD, THC, or hemp in both standard and sports targeted protein options.
  • Mixes for baked goods with CBD, THC, or hemp.
  • Pure or blended spice mixes available with CBD or THC.
  • And microwave instant popcorn mixes available with CBD or THC.

The Cannibble edibles containing CBD are mainly for the wellness and health markets while those containing THC are for adults’ recreational use. The hemp seeds (which are derived as seed oils, protein and flower) are products that are most popular among consumers as a natural health ingredient.

In Benzinga’s own home state of Michigan, growth in edibles sales have outperformed growth in regular cannabis sales for 2020 and shows no signs of stopping their current growth trend.

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