Golden Triangle Ventures Inc. Announces a Letter to Shareholders from CEO


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LAS VEGAS, June 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via InvestorWire — Golden Triangle Ventures, Inc. (OTC PINK: GTVH) is pleased to release a mid-year Letter to Shareholders updating current activities and outlining its corporate strategy.

Read the full letter:

Dear Shareholders,

Over the past six months, our Company has acquired several very exciting businesses and projects that all synergistically work together in their own way. Due to the many things that have recently transpired, we all felt that it was important to provide a formal update on all the developments that have come to fruition within Golden Triangle Ventures.

I would like to touch base on our Entertainment division, which owns a Company called Lavish Entertainment, Inc. and is doing business as (DBA) EpicRaves ( ). On March 1, 2021, we moved into an unbelievable office space in Las Vegas which has a warehouse in the back. Our goal was to build a place where we could not only develop, manage, and market all the companies within Golden Triangle Ventures but also have a home for all of our in-house concert production equipment so we could organize livestreamed events and highlight the great artists that sign on to our Syndicate Bass Records label. Owning all the production and knowing how to operate the equipment was also a huge benefit to us because we would be able to eliminate a production budget from our concert expenses. On May 12, 2021, our Company acquired a Hennessey Sound Design professional audio system, which now sits in the back of our shop, and we are getting very close to purchasing the LED wall, lasers, lights, trussing, props, and all other equipment needed to operate this on a consistent basis. A lot of work went into planning for this buildout. From the power upgrades to the training our team needed to operate every aspect of the equipment, there has been nonstop work dedicated to mastering everything we have and plan to build, including learning how to create our own custom visuals.

Our vision is to throw the most epic raves in the world, and I am so confident that we are going to create events that leave our guests with a true experience unlike anything this city has seen. Our very first show back is held on July 23, 2021 at Hard Rock Live in Las Vegas, and we will be highlighting some of the artists that we expect to sign as the first release within our label. This record label is a bit different than most because we will not only be highlighting some very talented musical artists that make experimental and unique bass music, but we will also be highlighting amazing visual artists that will create custom video content on each release we drop. We are so happy to shine the spotlight on Bainter The Painter for our first release, and he will also be running custom visuals for the entire event at the Hard Rock. Our team has dedicated so much to this platform we are creating, and we are all really look forward to showing everyone the insane new production at the first show back.

To further complement our concerts and livestreamed events, we are building a platform that can monetize and share our events to the world through Virtual Reality or directly on your TV through our own platform. As this project comes to light, it will give us the ability to monetize our events to a much broader global audience and provide an avenue to capitalize on many other prospective opportunities. This platform is currently being developed by some of the best in the business, and we now have a go-to market strategy that will grow into a platform unlike anything in the world. The first phase is near complete, and we will soon be getting a demonstration of the platform in person. We are working on organizing a handful of other concerts before the end of the year, and we can’t wait to step up every single aspect of our Entertainment division for all of our shareholders.

In regard to Sahara Event Center, we have completed a full building inspection and buildout/remodel proposal, and we are moving forward toward finalizing all details and due diligence of the event space before we potentially go into a formal purchase agreement with the owner of the building. There are no guarantees that purchasing Sahara Event Center will happen, but we feel like it is getting closer, and we can assure you that our Company will not stop pushing towards our goal of owning one of the most epic event centers in the world. In addition to this, our Company has been developing two major projects that are the biggest opportunities I have ever worked towards. We are working on patenting both projects globally, and we plan to share full details on them immediately after.

Earlier this year we announced that Lavish Entertainment and Global Health Services would spin off of Golden Triangle Ventures into their own trading entities and that all of the shareholders who owned GTVH by February 19, 2021, would receive a 1:1 dividend in these new entities after the two companies successfully spun off of GTVH, which is anticipated to happen after our Company completes our audited financials. We have retained Malone & Bailey to do full audited financials on our Company, and we will move forward to complete this goal once all of these acquisitions are in place and the world understands our ultimate vision. Once Global Health Services and Lavish Entertainment spin off, Golden Triangle Ventures will own about 25% of each Company in equity, so all our GTVH shareholders indirectly own a piece of both companies, regardless of if you owned our stock prior to the declared dividend date.

Under the Company Health division, GTV owns a Company called Global Health Services, Inc. which built out its internal health portal ( ) and received a license to sell the Le Pragma CBD line. Recently, we had to fix several things on our website to comply with new rules within the Payment Processor that we use for our sales. There are other reasons as to why we paused Le Pragma sales and we are now very close to disclosing the amazing developments within Global Health Services and fully sharing our entire vision formally with the world once certain goals come to fruition within the Company. Our goal is to turn this business into a global health business, and we cannot wait to share all the details on this as soon as possible. Global Health Services has always been a direct sales arm to Sonder Fulfillment, and now the opportunity that exists between both companies is greater than ever before.

Under our technology division, GTV owns a Company called HyFrontier Technologies, Inc. ( ) which makes a technology called “HyGrO” that can produce hydrogen water in large volumes. The studies we have conducted give me strong confidence that we have something that can significantly benefit crop production around the globe. We have leased a 7800 sq ft facility in New Port Richey, Florida, and the team at HyFrontier Technologies has been building out a full commercial manufacturing facility so we can begin selling this technology to the world by the end of the year. We have purchased four 3D printers, with four more coming soon, set up the facility with robotics, ordered thousands of power supplies and materials needed to begin manufacturing, and the team is working every day to launch this amazing project to farms around the globe. We are also working towards purchasing the entire 24,000 sq ft of the building so we can be fully prepared to expand our manufacturing capabilities as the Company grows in the year ahead.

We are working with Texas A&M and will work towards testing this technology on every plant that produces vegetables that are sold in grocery stores. We also expect to produce full white papers on each study after they all conduct. We have been in communication with some of the leading farming…


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