Hempura’s ‘Authentic’ CBD to Debut at ECRM’s ‘ Healthy Living, Vitamin, and


Hempura’s Reps Will Introduce CBD Products to Buyers from Major Retail Outlets in the United States

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Boca Raton, Florida Mar 20, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Hempura premium CBD oil will debut next week at ECRM’s “Healthy Living, Vitamin, and Nutrition Program, which brings together retail buyers and manufacturers of new health and wellness products.

Hempura, known for its high-quality CBD products in the United Kingdom, plans to enter the American consumer market this year.

“Our representatives will introduce Hempura’s product line of authentic CBD to buyers from the top 50 retail chains in the United States,” said Lewis Hadaway, founder of Hempura. “For five days at the ECRM event, we will get to meet privately with buyers from large and small retail chains to promote Hempura.”

ECRM, an acronym for Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing, is the retail industry’s version of speed dating, which brings buyers and new brands and products together for private one-on-one meetings. ECRM hosts these virtual events by using an innovative digital platform for face-to-face meetings between buyers and sellers. Buyers attending the ECRM event will represent regional and national, drug, and mass health chains.

Hempura CBD products that will debut at ECRM include:

  • Hempura Refined 250mg Broad-Spectrum Refined CBD Oil
  • Hempura Refined 500mg Broad-Spectrum Refined CBD Oil
  • Hempura Refined 1000mg Broad-Spectrum Refined CBD Oil
  • Hempura CBD Oil 250mg Full-Spectrum Original Extract
  • Hempura CBD Oil 500mg Full-Spectrum Original Extract
  • Hempura CBD Oil 1000mg Full-Spectrum Original Extract
  • Hempura 300mg Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules

The  Original & Refined extracts have the same amount of CBD, but the Original contains all the natural hemp components without the refinement of the broad-spectrum Refined product. For consumers, the difference is personal taste.

Hadaway said some consumers find that the refined extract tastes better.

As part of Hempura’s core values, Hadaway has emphasized educating the consumer because there is a lot of confusion about CBD and its relationship to marijuana.

“People will not get high if they take CBD,” Hadaway said, adding that the U.S. Congress a few years ago removed legal obstacles to selling CBD products in the United States. “Since then, the market has become saturated with brands and consumers often don’t know the difference between one product and another.”

Hadaway said this is why Hempura provides educational information on its website.

“I believe our approach has allowed us to build a loyal following in the United Kingdom. Consumers trust us,” Hadaway said. “We have more than 600 reviews on Trust Pilot. Our customers give us a great or excellent rating on 95 percent of the reviews.”

Hadaway said he plans to build the same trust level as American consumers.

“The ECRM event provides us with a great introduction to the American consumer market,” Hadaway said. “We are looking forward to the feedback our representatives will get from the retail buyers.”

For more information, visit Hempuraonline.


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