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Over the years, the popularity of CBD has grown exponentially. These days CBD is not only used for alleviating body pain, but also for anxiety, stress, arthritis, seizures, Alzheimer’s disease, insomnia, skin problems, nausea, migraine, etc. A wide range of CBD products is used by people all over the world to improve their overall health.

CBD is a cannabinoid compound contained in the cannabis plant. Studies have found that CBD holds countless therapeutic qualities that can help alleviate several health issues. That is why CBD products are getting huge popularity around the world.

According to recent studies, not only humans but animals can also benefit from CBD products.

Various studies from all over the world are showing that CBD can help in alleviating several health problems that affect your cats. Due to that many cat owners are trying CBD products to alleviate the health problems of their furry pets.

Working Of CBD In Cats

Like humans, all animals have an endocannabinoid system that plays a very important role in keeping the body healthy and regulating many of the body functions. Cats also have this endocannabinoid system and it plays a major role in many of the body functions. Studies have shown that CBD can attach with the cannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system and help in the smooth regulation of many of the body functions and maintaining internal balance.

Does CBD Cause Any Side Effects In Cats?

According to some vets, CBD is a safe compound that can be given to cats for their health problems. However, you might notice some mild side effects in some rare cases. These mild side effects include sedation and gastrointestinal issues. These side effects may disappear once you stop giving CBD to your cats. Since studies on the effects of CBD on cats are very limited, we cannot say anything conclusively. Consulting a vet before administering CBD oil to your cats is advisable.

Giving the right dosage of CBD is the best way to reduce the risk of potential side effects. This is because studies have found that most of the side effects of CBD occur when it was consumed in high doses. You should note that the FDA has only approved one CBD-based medication. Therefore, you need to do enough research before buying a CBD product for your cats.

Benefits Of CBD For Cats

Helps Reduce Aches And Swellings

Arthritis and joint pain are very common in aging cats, just like in humans. Cats diagnosed with inflammatory disorders like arthritis often experience severe pain and swelling in the joints. This may sooner or later lead the way to loss of mobility and joint damage. Studies have shown that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can help in reducing joint inflammation and thereby the joint pain. CBD can help in reducing pain by activating and desensitizing the vanilloid receptor of your brain. This receptor present in the brain is responsible for pain regulation in cats.

Helps Reduce Anxiety And Stress

Mental health disorders like anxiety and stress are very common in pets, including cats and dogs. Health problems, change in the environment, poor human-cat relationships, etc. are some of the causes of anxiety in cats. If you observe that your cat is having behavioral issues, poor eating habits, and poor grooming habits, it might be because of anxiety and stress. CBD is a helpful compound that could reduce stress levels and improve the mood of your cats. CBD oil can even help in easing your cat’s fear of traveling. Try to include CBD in your cat’s daily routine to improve its mood.

Helps Manage Seizures

Just like humans, your cat may also suffer from epilepsy. Frequent seizures are the major symptom of epilepsy. They are caused due to electrical disruptions in the brain. It is often hard for you to watch your cats go into seizures. They can even pose several other health problems. According to some of the recent studies, CBD is very effectual in curtailing the severity and recurrence of seizures. This may help in managing epilepsy in your cats. These days, CBD is preferred over regular seizure medications because the latter can cause side effects.

Final Thoughts

It is very important to figure out the right CBD dosage before giving CBD to your cats. Bodyweight, the severity of the conditions, and the type of CBD are the main factors that determine the safe CBD dosage for your cats. Make sure to consult a vet to figure out the right CBD dosage.

You should also ensure that the CBD product you buy does not contain even slight traces of THC. Most CBD products available in the market contain less than 0.3 % THC and cats cannot tolerate this psychoactive cannabinoid. To avoid any complications, it is better to buy CBD products that are made from broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate. Also, make sure to buy CBD products from a reputable CBD brand.


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