Joplin Humane Society gives tips to keep your pets safe for the 4th of July


JOPLIN, MO – The 4th of July is a time to celebrate, but fireworks can cause stress for your cats or dogs.

“I think one of the main things is to leave your pet at home. Don’t take them to the fireworks with you. A lot of people want to bring their pets along and enjoy the festivities, but just leave them at home where they’re more comfortable.” Says Thomas Jay, Joplin Humane Society.

He recommends microchipping your pet before the 4th of July so they can be found easily.

“We like to say it’s like an ID tag that the pet never loses. So if they do get away from you they can still be found.” Says Jay.

If your god is scared of fireworks you can wrap them with an old shirt or ace bandage.

“You want to go around the chest around the back and mainly the chest area… That is going to make them feel secure, it’s going to make them feel protected and it’s going to bring their anxiety level down.” Says Jay.

He recommends giving dogs and cats CBD oil treats to calm them.

If you take your dog outside put a harness on them and avoid retractable leashes.

“Those things can fail. Sometimes the mechanisms won’t catch on them and your dog will pull it away from you. I would use a 6 to 8 foot leash that doesn’t retract.” Says Jay.

If your pets run away he recommends posting it to Facebook.

“Social media is a fantastic tool for getting your pet home again. I would post pictures and details of where that animal was last seen. Any distinguishing characteristics about the animal. Then you can also bring that information to us we will put up flyers.” Says Jay.

The Humane Society holds pets that are found for 7 days before making them adoptable.


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