Link Reservations Inc. (Stock Symbol: LRSV) is a Global Provider of Wellness


Link Reservations Inc. (Stock Symbol: LRSV) is a Global Provider of Wellness Products for Pets and PeopleLink Reservations Inc. (Stock Symbol: LRSV) is a Global Provider of Wellness Products for Pets and People

Marketing Being Boosted via New Cloud Based SupplierGATEWAY Presence 

  • Developer and Marketer of CBD Wellness Products for People and Pets.  

  • Wholly Owned Subsidiary Operates Commercially in Europe and the US.

  • New Cloud Based SupplierGATEWAY Presence to Boost Marketing. 

  • Latest Sales Results Deliver Largest Quarterly Return to Date. 

  • New CBD Product Under Development to Combat Pet Obesity. 

  • Upcoming Launch of Immunity Boosting Functional Mushroom Product.  

Link Reservations Inc., (
LRSV) is a wellness product provider dedicated to improving the health and life conditions of both people and pets worldwide. LRSV trades through its two brands; LinkResPet and DailyLifeCBD. LinkResPet develops and markets hemp-based CBD products for cats, dogs and horses. DailyLifeCBD provides everyday hemp-based CBD wellness products for people. LSRV currently operations in both the US and Europe.

The American Veterinarian Association reports that there is an emerging trend of pet owners using CBD and CBD products to treat the symptoms of their pets, such as nausea, seizures, anxiety, arthritis and even cancer. LRSV products aid animals in the same ways that CBD has been shown to aid humans as well: easing the pain of arthritis, strengthening their immune systems, lessening anxiety.

A lot has been said about the usefulness of CBD products to the human body, an intensive level of research has been conducted to show how CBD can interact with the CB1 and CB2 endocannabinoid receptors to elicit their medical properties. 

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the numerous plant chemicals (cannabinoids) which have been known to elicit a wide range of medical properties such Not just in humans, the use of CBD oil for dogs, cats, and horses has been widely documented by several researchers.

On May 19th LRSV announced it is to join SupplierGATEWAY, a cloud-based vendor management platform that connects buyers and sellers. LRSV is boosting its retail and wholesale activity by exploring new selling platforms.

LRSV wants to make sure it is reaching as many potential customers as possible, particularly those who already shop for CBD products but may have not come about the LRSV website or brand before. SupplierGATEWAY’s Supplier Data Management System (SDMS) helps buyers engage suppliers, collect critical capabilities, compliance and product data to support sourcing, purchasing, supplier management, and compliance/reporting processes.

LRSV has two product lines, LinkResPet and DailyLifeCBD. LinkResPet offers CBD solutions for cats and dogs in the form of tinctures, aimed at aiding the overall wellness of pets. DailyLifeCBD is its human-focused CBD product line, which includes their new CBD mushroom-infused immunity product, DailyLifeCBD Immune.

On May 13th LRSV announced that its CBD product for dogs was re-stocked and available again for retail and wholesale purchase. CBD products are increasingly becoming staple wellness options for pet owners and demand continues to be high. LRSV plans keep developing new products and have several new projects on the table.  LRSV has also recorded its largest single purchase of its pet CBD products to date, poising the Company for its best sales year yet.

On May 10th LRSV announces that its pet-dedicated website, LinkResPet, will be translated into Spanish. Having revealed its intentions to start operations in the European Union, the LRSV is looking to increase its customer base and attract Spanish speakers.

As more people look at pets as a family member, they are spending more money in their health, wellness and overall in their daily life. CBD has become a very popular health booster in the US and, increasingly so, across the world. In line with this, people are also using CBD as a complementary treatment for their pets’ general ailments. LRSV offers CBD products for both cats and dogs and has been focusing on expanding its market beyond the US.

There are 47 million people living in Spain and 42 million native Spanish speakers in the United States with many more across Europe and the world. In fact, 26% of Spanish households own at least one dog, and 11% own at least one cat – that is at least a quarter of the population owning a pet, which means it is a great consumer market to target. LRSV plans future efforts in other languages as well.  

On April 28th LRSV outlined the quality control and testing of the CBD hemp oil extracts used in the company’s pet product line, LinkResPet. This comes after the global pet care market is expected to reach USD 325.74 billion by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.6% during the forecast period, according to Fortune Business.

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The hemp oil used in LRSV products comes from organically grown certified U.S. and European hemp. LRSV ensures that its products undergo a rigorous process of quality control and testing using the latest scientific methods.

Using their specialized laboratory, LRSV hemp extract products are tested to ensure that they are free of bacteria, pesticides, mold, solvents, and other contaminants. Furthermore, tests are performed to ensure that all oils are uniform and do not differ in the ingredients. Each batch of manufactured hemp oil extract is accredited and tested by a third party laboratory, while the extract will also be subjected to four different lab tests and analysis: potency test, microbiological tests, residual solutions analysis and terpenes tests.

Beyond meeting all expectations of the biotech industry, the LRSV contract manufacturer specializes in Supercritical Fluid Extraction. Supercritical Fluid Extraction/ CO2 Extraction is the most sophisticated method of professionally producing hemp oil extract. In this special process, supercritical CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas is used in natural product extraction, offering the possibility to selectively separate materials with great care.

The process’s gentle decarboxylation is the best method to obtain hemp extract. Helping preserve many of the plant’s active molecules, the method is both environmentally friendly and sustainable. The resulting extracts are tested and standardized by content, ensuring a safe hemp oil extract of high quality with all its beneficial properties intact.

The US Food and Drug Administration has classified CO2 extraction methods as “generally recognized as safe.”

On April 21st LRSV announced it is exploring the development of a new CBD product to aid pets dealing with obesity and weight problems. The new tincture will promote fat loss and increase energy levels in animals.

Obesity and weight problems are an existing issue in people’s lives, whether they hear about it or encounter it in their lives. However it is not exclusively a human problem, our pets are suffering too. Just in North America, approximately 25-30% of the general canine population is obese, with 40-45% of dogs aged 5-11 years old weighing in higher than normal. As with humans, the additional weight can increase the risks of health issues in the animals’ lives – from a shortened life expectancy to problems like diabetes, kidney disease and arthritis – and owners whose pets carry additional weight are likely to see their pets’ quality of life degrade.

LRSV is exploring the development of a CBD solution to help obese and overweight pets get back to a healthy weight. Intended to be used as a supplement to a restricted calorie diet, the specialized weight-loss promoting product will have a CBD base and be 100% natural. Different ingredients are being considered but the end product will be aimed at helping metabolise fat and create further heat and energy. The LRSV weight loss product is currently in research stage with the aim of launching later in the year.

On March 24th LRSV announced the company is preparing to launch its first functional mushroom product, DailyLife CBD Immune. The new tincture product, tailored for people, will feature both CBD and a wide…


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