New $100 vouchers to lure office workers back to Sydney CBD


New $100 vouchers for Friday lunch in the Sydney CBD will be introduced to lure office workers back into the city.

The scheme means 500,000 people in NSW will be eligible for four $25 vouchers to spend in the 2000 postcode on Fridays.

It is similar to the Dine and Discover program, but people will be able to use all their vouchers in one transaction, rather than separately.

The NSW government is launching more $100 vouchers to lure office workers back into the CBD. Sydney CBD skyline city generic stock file
The NSW government is launching more $100 vouchers to lure office workers back into the CBD. (Janie Barrett)

How do I get the vouchers?

As with the Dine and Discover vouchers, you’ll need to apply through the Service NSW website or app for the vouchers.

The vouchers will then be sent to you, or appear in the app once they have been granted.

More information about the $50 million program, including when registration opens, will be available next week.

What can I buy with the vouchers?

The vouchers can be used for dining and entertainment in the Sydney CBD.

Any restaurant or venue with the postcode 2000 can accept the vouchers.

They cannot be spent on alcohol or gambling, but they can all be used at one time.

Sydneysiders can use the vouchers for food or entertainment in the city. (Getty)

Hospitality and business groups have welcomed the cash injection, with many reporting Friday as the quietest day of the week.

“A free Friday lunch on the government will entice workers into the CBD and boost business, not just for hospitality venues but for many other businesses in the city on days when the city streets are still very empty in the nation’s once thriving economic driver,” Damian Kelly, Acting Executive Director of Business Sydney, said today.

“It’s hoped this initiative will kick-start a permanent return to city offices on Fridays for the thousands still working from home and we strongly encourage staff to return to their workplaces to help drive the engine room of the state’s economy.

The vouchers can be used in the 2000 postcode and are a bid to bring city workers back to the CBD after COVID. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

“The CBD is still running below 70 per cent of pre-COVID capacity, considerably less on Mondays and Fridays, so the incentive for workers of four $25 vouchers to enjoy a lunch in the 2000 postcode will be money well spent in this pre-budget stimulus.”

NSW Executive Director of the Property Council of Australia Jane Fitzgerald agreed.

“Fridays should be fantastic, fun and face-to-face for the CBD workforce,” Ms Fitzgerald said.

“Putting $100 into the pockets of CBD workers – and tying the use of the vouchers to the day where we know less people are currently working from their CBD offices – is a great way to give other CBD businesses a boost and encourage teams getting together.”


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