New CBD store, Just Breathe, opening on Court Street


BINGHAMTON, NY – A new CBD store in downtown Binghamton is looking to get a jump on the growing legal cannabis market.

Just Breathe is opening tomorrow at 75 Court Street.

It sells a number of CBD products in gummies, vapes, tinctures and flowers, the industry term for what marijuana-users commonly call buds.

That includes cannabis with the Delta 8 variant of THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana that produces the high.

However, because Delta 8, or D8, is less potent than the common Delta 9, the state is currently classifying it as a form of CBD.

Therefore, D8 products are currently being sold at smoke and head shops in the region.

Founder Damien Cornwell says Just Breathe is a way of saying everyone needs to relax.

“It’s a world that’s a little too excited right now. The world needs less rules and more common sense. So, when we talk about it’s the rebirth of cannabis and creative expression, we want people to just take a breath, relax, maybe light up some flower, and rethink things a bit. Thus, Just Breathe,” says Cornwell.

Cornwell says his mission includes fulfilling the social justice goals of the state legislature’s law legalizing recreational marijuana.

He plans to open up positions in his business for communities of color, those with criminal records and those involved in the legacy marijuana black market.

“From a social equity perspective, Just Breathe has a great interest in how it affects the African-American community and those licenses that will be allocated to people within those communities. So, the best way to shape that policy, we believe, is to be involved in the market early on and setting the trends, and adding a bit of moral fiber to what we’re doing,” says Cornwell.

Cornwell is hopeful that his temporary license to sell CBD can be converted to one of the marijuana dispensary licenses.

Tomorrow evening from 5 to 10, Just Breathe is partnering with the Urban League and the Castetter Cannabis Group to host an event called “Cannabis in the Community: Elevating Those Left Behind.”

There will be local deejays, information from Castetter and expungement assistance from the Urban League.

Just Breathe will be open 4 to 10 Monday through Saturday beginning next week.

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