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“I saw them with my own eyes. They pushed the trolleys and put everything they could in them.”

A fireman who was at the scene attending to the fire at the Brookside Mall said on Monday morning that while firefighters battled the blaze, people were emptying the shelves.

He said that at the corners of Masukwana and Jabu Ndlovu streets, five shops were set alight.

At the corners of Hoosen Haffejee and Masukwana Streets, another shop was set alight. He added that Masukwana Street is totally off limits.

“It is totally barricaded.”

The firefighter added that houses were also set alight at Cinderella Park.

Meanwhile, at Edendale Mall about 90% of clothing, food shops and furniture shops have been looted and vandalised. This is according to ward 22 councillor Xolani Ngongoma.

He said he had been to the mall to see what was happening and found the community had broken into the shops and taken whatever they wanted.

“I was there at around 5am and I saw that people had forced their way into Rhino and taken food. Almost 90% of the shops had been looted,” said Ngongoma.

Mphophomeni Mall was reportedly also looted last night.

Unrest has broken out in Pietermaritzburg after a weekend of looting in parts of Durban.

Mooi River businesses were looted on Friday and 28 trucks were set alight.

Ngongoma said he was reluctant to go inside and ask the people as he had no security or police with him. “They also took an ABSA ATM, all the clothing shops has been looted. The management of the mall has also not yet arrived,” he said.

Ngongoma said people told him the aim was to collapse Ramaphosa’s economy until former President Jacob Zuma is realised from jail.

“Most of these people are people I don’t know, I don’t think they are from my ward,” said Ngongoma. He said he would go back there when Edendale Mall management and police are at the scene.

A source in the security cluster said he was in town last night when Brookside Mall was hit by looters. “We were in town and the guys just came and went to town, not just the CBD but they were in Brookside Mall,” said the source.

He said some shops had been set alight.

“The road was blocked using tyres, you couldn’t move, police were there and trying to contain it but there was just too many people,” he said.

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