What’s trending? The most-read stories on APAC beauty market and consumer

1 – ‘Storming the market’: Natural beauty brand Skinella says sheet mask sales in India are soaring

Sheet masks are ‘storming the market’​ in India according to natural beauty brand Skinella, which is now exploring new launches after its first three variants performed ‘phenomenally well’.

Skinella offers natural vegan products inspired by superfoods such as berries, kiwis and honey. The brand is a subsidiary of Cosmic Nutracos, a beauty and wellness company that also produces the health food brand Gaia.

In the midst of the chaotic pandemic situation, the company observed a rapid change in beauty trends.

At first, the demand for hygiene products ballooned as a consequence of the outbreak, pushing the company to develop products like hand cleansing gels to cater to the market demand.

2 – Problem solvers: More mask-friendly product launches aiding recovery of make-up spend in Japan

Japanese consumers appear to be slowly increasing their expenditure on make-up​ as more new product launches help them adopt more mask-friendly cosmetic habits, according to a new report.

Owned by Japanese beauty retail and media firm istyle Inc, @cosme is a cosmetic portal that has amassed over 15 million product reviews from around 16 million monthly visitors.

Since launching in 1999, it has spun off into a retail business that has an offline and online presence in markets such as Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand.

The first bi-annual survey was conducted on 10,000 @cosme members in May this year. The results showed that the cosmetic habits of consumers continue to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in the first half of 2021.

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