Woman Arrested After Posing as 13-Year-Old at Daughter’s School


A Texas woman is in custody after posting videos of herself pretending to be a 13-year-old in order to infiltrate her daughter’s school. In one clip, Casey Garcia, a 30-year-old El Paso resident, tells the camera she is engaging in a “social experiment” to expose school security issues. The first cringe-inducing video shows Garcia, who is reportedly 4-foot-11, wandering around the school wearing a hoodie with Marvel characters on it and a mask, and even sitting in on classes. “Do I look like a seventh grader? No? Cool. Awesome,” Garcia tells the camera at one point.

In a second video Garcia explains that she was eventually caught and sent to the principal’s office, and makes a number of complaints about the lack of attention seemingly given to in-person students in comparison to remote ones. “My integrity is being put on the line!” she says of the negative response her videos have garnered. “I’m no spring chicken,” she acknowledges at one point. A third video shows law enforcement officers showing up at her home to arrest her. Garcia was reportedly booked on charges of criminal trespass and tampering with government records, as well as a traffic warrant from 2017.

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